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Small Campers for Rent: What Do You Need for Your Family?

Camping is and always will be a favorite American pastime. But not all families have room in their budgets to buy their own camper or have the space to store it. That is where a camper rental comes in handy. Renting a camper and traveling the open road is one of the most fun and exciting ways to take a family trip. And it can be far more convenient and cost-effective than other methods of travel, too.

Unless you prefer to “rough it” and tent camp, a camper is one of the best ways to travel with your family and see a bit of nature along the way. With the convenience of private online motorhome rentals that use a similar rental concept to Airbnb. You can reserve and pay for a camper from the comfort of your own home.  

Benefits of a Small Camper

There are a number of benefits that small campers provide over larger RVs. Or recreational vehicles, including their affordability, their gas mileage and their maneuverability on the road, among other benefits. Not only are small campers cheaper to rent, they offer all the comforts of a larger motorhome on a smaller, more manageable scale. And they still encourage the family to escape the interruptions of social media. And daily life to relax and enjoy the view. Smaller campers are a great option for couples or small families who don’t require a ton of space while traveling. Also to those who want to save some money on their camper rental.

Types of Small Campers

Sometimes referred to as compact RVs, small campers can be classified as Class B or Class C campers, while full-size RVs are classified as Class A motorhomes.

  • Class B campers, also known as camper vans, offer limited space but are also the cheapest to rent and operate.
  • Class C campers are similar in size to a large pickup truck or van. They include many of the same amenities as a larger RV, but on a smaller scale.
  • Camper trailers or travel trailers are towed behind your regular vehicle. They offer families the best option in terms of affordability and maneuverability.

Renting a small camper is a great way to hit the road with your family. Do some long-distance exploring without having to worry about booking. Or paying for hotel rooms or Airbnb rentals along your route. And when you stop on the way to fill up at the gas pump, you’ll be happy you opted for a small camper. Especially over a full-size motorhome.

Renting a Camper Trailer

Once you have decided that a small camper rental is the way to go, the next step is determining which one will work best for your family’s needs. The first thing to consider when renting a camper is how many people will be joining you. If it’s just you and your young children, you may opt for a camper trailer, but if you have a group of adults traveling with you, you may want a camper that can accommodate a larger group more comfortably. It is also important to consider your family’s needs and budget. Some groups can make a trip work with the bare minimum, while others might prefer some luxury on their vacation.

When it comes to cost, the price of renting a camper can vary based on your location. Also the length of your trip and what type of camper you want. That being said, the average cost of an RV rental is around $150 per day. That is less than you can expect to spend at most hotels. And if you opt for a smaller camper, you can spend even less per night and put that extra money you save towards some fun family activities on your trip!

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